Folio Boxes

Print only Boxes start at


Digital boxes start at 


This 3-in-1 combo product includes:


1) Enhanced Matte prints in displayable beveled mats


a 12"x12" coffee table photo album


2)  Online gallery with digital downloads and no expiration

(with Digital Package purchases only)


3) Hand-crafted display box skillfully made with care

by skilled artisans in Dublin, Ireland.


4) Print release 

We recommend the following Professional labs:

- Memphis Professional Imaging




A practical, contemporary product our Folio boxes will please

both print lovers and digital cravers alike.


You can tailor this product to your needs to create a stunning photoset

that will emphasize your decor and at the same time wow your friends and family.





What are the perks of

the Folio boxes for sessions?


You are not required to purchase your

Product Package after just one session.


You can proceed to purchase sessions and then

purchase one box for ALL those sessions. 


Think of the money you will save.